Client Testimonials

Have a look at what some of my previous clients have said about me...

"I would thoroughly recommend seeing Clint as a Life Coach.  He is a very calm, laid back and non judgemental individual who you feel at ease with immediately.  Clint really helps you focus on what is important to you and to be able to ‘see the wood for the trees” 


Ms M - Housewife and mother

"When I chose Clint as my lifecoach I had just been made redundant and as a mature woman who had always been in employment, I was feeling lost, lonely and livid!  Clint has a very calm, clear coaching style.  He made me feel I was in a safe pair of hands.  I felt as if I was speaking to a long life friend as opposed to someone I did not know.  He helped me to change my focus and to start thinking about this period of redundancy as a  period of transition and re-organisation.  We organically established that my theme for my lifecoaching sessions would be re-organisation in both my working life and my home.  With his encouragement I have started to give more to myself and instead of organising my employers, I am now organising myself more at home - I feel so much better for it!  I managed to organise a long needed holiday for 10 days abroad and am now seriously looking at re-organising my future." 


Ms Flavia Gordon

“It's good to have a coach like you who sounds so peaceful without any macho aggression of being a dominant figure during the coaching sessions.”


Ms Firdevs Dede - Author

“I’ve enjoyed my coaching sessions with Clint.  Our coaching conversations always had a hidden power in them where changes take place.  They were reflective & calming & I have made real positive changes in my life directly from our sessions together. Thank you”


Ms Saine Grandison - Clinical Hypnotherapist

"I always found my coaching session with you extremely worthwhile ( I did get a positive outcome from the sessions ), You certainly helped to improve my self confidence (which I really needed at the time), you were non judgemental, an excellent listener and there were no issues with trust and confidentiality. It changed my life in that you gave me belief that there was a way out of my current position and that made me more relaxed and optimistic for the future."


James Kelly - Construction Manager

"I turned to coaching because I have never really had a clear direction or plan for my career. I have always felt that I have drifted from post to post because I didn’t really know what I wanted. Coaching with Clint has made a massive difference to me. It made me really think about what I want, what I enjoy doing, what my strengths are and also my weaknesses. We worked together to create action plans for how to get to where I want to be. We broke down the actions into smaller manageable chunks so that I could see my way forward and not feel daunted by the size of the challenge ahead.


What surprised me most was that I had all of the answers in me and I just need Clint’s questions to point me in the right direction. The fact that I never felt like he was judging me gave me the confidence to answer his questions honestly. In fact coaching has been so successful for me that I recently went for an interview in a field that I would never have even considered before … and was offered the job! Thank you, Clint; you made a real difference to me and I would recommend coaching to anyone who feels that they may need a bit of guidance or direction in an area of their life or has just reached a crossroads and can’t see a clear path forward."


Nicky Cordingley - Project Management Assistant

"Embarking on a coaching relationship can be daunting but Clint is a world class listener and with his guidance we built conversations built on trust and gentle exploration of my issues. Together we produced action plans. (which were actively chased). and I succeeded in making changes in my life which would have been harder to face without his active support."


Sally Cole - Data Cleansing, Zurich Financial Services